Welcome to Grahamvale Primary School

Grahamvale Primary School is a school of 390 students and is situated amongst orchards in the north east corner of Shepparton. Our school is committed to providing a high quality education for all students within a caring and safe environment.

We encourage all students to be confident, life-long learners who are able to form positive relationships with others. We have a strong focus on student welfare using a 'Restorative Practice' approach for behaviour management and a strong 'Buddy Program' where Year 6 students support our Foundation students. There are many opportunities for our students to develop their leadership skills, by taking on one of the many leadership roles that are available. At Grahamvale we encourage all students to be confident, life-long learners who are able to form positive relationships with others. As members of a wider community our students will become responsible citizens who can use technology, are eSmart and who are ready to accept the challenges of an ever changing world. We promote and instil in our students the school's values of Respect, Personal Best, Teamwork and Community. We pride ourselves on the strong partnerships that we build with our parents, and working with them as partners in their child's education.

Our new building consists of eleven classrooms and fabulous spill out areas surrounding our well- resourced library. We have a further six classrooms, art studio and a specialist facility housed in modular buildings. Landscaping, gardens and a newly developed courtyard area provide a very attractive environment but the size of our playground area is limited considering the number of students enrolled. In the future we hope to be allocated adjacent land to provide space for an oval and additional play areas.

We are currently running 18 classrooms consisting of four Foundation classes, five 1/2 classes, six 3/4 classes and three 5/6 classes. Teaching is purposeful and focussed and teachers utilise data to ensure the learning needs of each student are being addressed. Staff at Grahamvale are committed to providing high quality teaching and learning outcomes that promote and support excellence for all. Students and teachers work together to set individual learning goals in the areas of literacy and numeracy, working in partnership with families to celebrate and promote success. We pride ourselves in promoting and delivering a culture of high expectations.

Staff particpate in targeted professional learning to ensure that the curriculum is covered by implementing best practice teaching and learning. All students in Years three to six particpate in the school based iPad program. The junior grades have access to iPads, computers and laptops to further incorporate technology into their learning. Our students across the school are also learning about robotics and coding.

Whilst Grahamvale Primary School has grown significantly in the last ten years, we have continued to uphold the traditional values of the small rural school we once were. A significant strength of our school is the high level of parental participation in school activities and programs which further strengthens and demonstrates our school value of community.


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